I’ll Find by Trupa Trupa


  • CD with four songs
    8.00 EUR
  • LP+CD Bundle
    A bundle of ‘Of The Sun’ LP and ‘I’ll Find’ CD for a reduced price.
    20.50 EUR
  • CD+CD Bundle
    A bundle of ‘Of The Sun’ CD and ‘I’ll Find’ CD for a reduced price.
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1. Fitzcarraldo 04:32
2. End Of The Line 02:46
3. Invisible Door 02:22
4. I’ll Find 03:38


“Trupa Trupa…blends off-kilter melodies, dense instrumentation and lyrical
explorations of the darkest side of the human condition.” – The Guardian„I’ll Find” – the new EP from the Polish quartet Trupa Trupa – consists of four radiant, kaleidoscopic songs which further cement the band’s reputation as one of the up and coming voices on the global psychedelic scene.On the krautrock-esque title track the music pulses and churns while lead vocalist Grzegorz Kwiatkowski incants the phrase “I’ll find.” And as if to represent a schizophrenic internal dialogue, he also provides the answer: “No, you won’t.”

A similar situation can be found in the Werner Herzog inspired track „Fitzcarraldo.” The music languidly winds and soars while Kwiatkowski sings “The sun/The sky/The cloud/The ground” and a few moments later: “The sun/The ground/The ground/The ground”.

On the new EP we discover another thrilling side to Trupa Trupa – more psyched-out and more boldly lyrical than on the band’s widely acclaimed album „Of The Sun” released in September of last year. The words and sonic atmosphere of the EP reminds one not only of the epic melancholy of the film „Fitzcarraldo” but also of the dark, edgy jungle energy of ‘Heart of Darkness” – a book written by Joseph Conrad – whose real name was Konrad Korzeniowski. Conrad was in fact a Polish writer that wrote in English about the desperate side of human nature and the uncanny ability of human beings to kill each other.

„I’ll Find” was recorded, produced and mixed by Michal Kupicz in Gdańsk, Poland at Custom 34 studios. Trupa Trupa is Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (vocal, guitar), Wojciech Juchniewicz (vocal, bass guitar, guitar), Rafał Wojczal (vocal, second guitar, keys), and Tomasz Pawluczuk (drums).

On the third track of the EP „Invisible Door,” guitarist/keyboardist Rafał Wojczal makes his lyrical and vocal debut.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski — guitar, vocals
Wojciech Juchniewicz — bass, guitar, vocals
Rafał Wojczal — keyboards, guitar
Tomasz Pawluczuk — drums