• January 19th, 2024
    New Album: YĪN YĪN – Mount Matsu
    YĪN YĪN, the highly touted Dutch quartet from Maastricht, returns with a sonically expansive third album Mount Matsu. Recorded collectively in their own studio in the Belgian countryside, the album is a kaleidoscope of sounds and influences, occupying a no man’s land between Khruangbin and Kraftwerk, surf music and Southeast Asian psychedelia, Stax soul and mutant 80s disco, City pop and Japanese instrumental folk (sōkyoku).
    Get the album: https://idol-io.ffm.to/mountmatsu

  • November 17th, 2023
    New Album: Lucidvox – That’s What Remained
    Lucidvox’s new album is vast-sounding. A collection of swirling ritual missives offered up in the hope of better times. Formerly based in Russia, for their new album That’s What Remained, the all-female quartet has added additional sonic thrust (horns, keyboards, strings, atmospheric textures) to their already acclaimed and impassioned psych-rock.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.ffm.to/thatswhatremained

  • November 10th, 2023
    New Album: Lenhart Tapes – Dens
    The 2nd album from Belgrade Ethno-Noise outfit Lenhart Tapes, boldly extends producer Vladimir Lenhart’s acclaimed re-tooling of submerged Balkan musics. Hypnotic Walkman jams meet industrial rhythm loops and trad-folk songs interpreted by a lineup of thrilling female vocalists. A magical, beauty-and-the-beast encounter of dirty noise and righteous folk.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.ffm.to/dens

  • September 15th, 2023
    New Album: Parchman Prison Prayer – Some Mississippi Sunday Morning
    Haunting in situ recordings from Parchman Farm maximum security prison in Mississippi. Producer Ian Brennan recorded the prison’s Sunday gospel service and the results are unforgettable. Performances range from solo acapella to a floor-shaking band. The repertoire includes both traditional and newly penned spirituals. The emotions are unfiltered and deeply resonant.
    Get the album: https://bit.ly/parchman_prison

  • May 26th, 2023
    New Album: Faizal Mostrixx – Mutations
    A genre-defying Afrofuturist manifesto from Uganda. Producer, dancer and choreographer Faizal Mostrixx’s singular vision of East African electronic music is a lush sonic tapestry of polyrhythms, modern dancefloor styles, amapiano, Nile basin ceremonial chants and Pan-African field recordings.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/Mutations

  • April 14st, 2023
    New Album: Brìghde Chaimbeul – Carry Them With Us
    Scottish smallpipes player Brìghde Chaimbeul’s second album “Carry Them With Us” is an exhilarating weave of rich textural drones, trance atmospheres and instrumental folk traditions. Acclaimed Canadian sound explorer and saxophonist Colin Stetson is a featured collaborator on the record.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/CarryThemWithUs

  • March 31st, 2023
    New Album: Altın Gün – Aşk
    Their 5th album in as many years Aşk (deeper feeling of love), marks an exuberant return to the 70s Anatolian folk-rock sound that characterised Altın Gün’s first two albums. It is a record that radiates the infectious energy found in the Amsterdam-based sextet’s celebrated live performances.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/Ask

  • February 20th, 2023
    Trupa Trupa ‘ttt’ // tape release
    Are you a fan of Trupa Trupa’s unique sound and immersive live performances? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out their latest release, “ttt” cassette. This new offering from the band is a memoir of their life on the road, featuring recordings from rehearsals, tours, and other experiences. The result is a two-part sound collage that gives listeners a glimpse into the creative process behind Trupa Trupa’s music.
    And if “ttt” cassette sells out, don’t worry – there are still plenty of other titles from Trupa Trupa available on our website. So whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the band for the first time, be sure to head over to our site and check out their music today.
    Listen to “ttt” cassette and explore other Trupa Trupa titles on the band’s Bandcamp page.
    https://trupatrupa.bandcamp.com/album/ttt ?

  • February 17th, 2023
    New Album: King Ayisoba – Work Hard
    “Work Hard” solidifies King Ayisoba’s reputation as both a shamanic performer and a restless sonic experimenter. A wild mashup of Ayisoba’s frenetic kologo sound and musical deep dives from an exciting roster of Ghanaian producers and contributors.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/WorkHard

  • January 20th, 2023
    New Album: Refree – el espacio entre
    Acclaimed producer Raul Refree returns with his second solo album for tak:til/glitterbeat. A kaleidoscopic but seamless mashup of soundtrack music, post classical meditations, Iberian traditional elements and experimental strategies. Deeply immersive.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/ElEspacioEntre

  • November 25th, 2022
    New Album: Gaye Su Akyol – Anadolu Ejderi
    Acclaimed Istanbul-based artist Gaye Su Akyol is due to release her fourth album, ‘Anadolu Ejderi’ (“Anatolian Dragon”), on 25 November. Building upon her combo of Turkish psychedelia, empowered commentary and retro-futurist sonics, her vision is more personal and uncompromising than ever before.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/AnadoluEjderi

  • November 11th, 2022
    New Album: Etceteral – Rhizome
    Etceteral are a Slovenian experimental trio (saxophone & electronics, drums, visuals) who create a propulsive, polyrhythmic futurist jazz. It is a sound marked by abstract modular explorations, hypnotic drumming, ricocheted horn textures and crystalline production.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/Rhizome

  • October 21st, 2022
    New Album: Tau & the Drones of Praise – Misneach
    The kaleidoscopic third album from Seán Mulrooney and his Ireland meets Berlin ensemble. Ecstatic folk-psych that full embraces the natural world and living ancestry, through joyful experimentation and deeply rooted sonics. An inspired soundscape that echoes eclectic and eccentric atmospheres: traditional Irish folk, outsider pop, global sacred music and drone rock.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/Misneach

  • October 7th, 2022
    New Album: Liraz – Roya
    The award-winning Israeli-Persian singer returns with “Roya” (fantasy in Farsi) an exhilarating blend of tradi-modern rhythms and retro-Persian sonics. Recorded in secrecy in Istanbul with her band from Tel Aviv and risk-defying Iranian musicians from Tehran. A musical portal to a place of peace, joy and unfettered freedom.
    Get the album: https://idol-io.link/Roya

  • September 16th, 2022
    New Album: Al-Qasar – Who Are We?
    Middle Eastern psych-rock collective Al-Qasar’s debut album is an explosive mix of heavy Arabian grooves, global psychedelia and North African trance music. Guests include Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) & Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys). The band calls it “Arabian fuzz.” Brazenly electric and deeply connected.
    ? Get the album: https://idol-io.link/WhoAreWe

  • September 9th, 2022
    New EP: Catherine Graindorge featuring Iggy Pop – The Dictator
    A thrilling collaboration between the acclaimed Belgian composer/instrumentalist Catherine Graindorge and the ever-iconic Iggy Pop. Haunting string and electronic textures melding with Iggy’s baritone, cautionary tales. A deep dive into the heart of these unsettled times.
    ? Get the EP: https://idol-io.link/TheDictator

  • August 26th, 2022
    New Album: Yanna Momina – Afar Ways
    Yanna Momina’s Afar Ways was recorded live in a stilt-hut on the horn of Africa when Grammy-winning producer & author, Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Zomba Prison Project, Ustad Saami) visited Djibouti in the spring of 2018. The album is beautifully focused around Momina’s resonant vocals and the sparest of musical backings (acoustic guitar, handclaps, calabash).
    ? Get the album: https://idol-io.link/AfarWays

  • July 25th, 2022
    ✅ Official Store: http://bit.ly/GlitterBeatStore
    ✅ Bandcamp: https://glitterbeat.bandcamp.com/ (code: 2022)
    ? Duration: 25.07.2022 – 25.08.2022

  • June 10th, 2022
    New Album: Avalanche Kaito – Avalanche Kaito
    A Burkinabe urban griot (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse) meets a Brussels noise punk duo. A new alloy that deconstructs both traditional and futurist knowledge. This thrilling ensemble is releasing their self-titled debut album hot on the heels of their acclaimed 4-song EP Dabalomuni (January 2022), that The Wire called “freaked, juddering electronic punk.”
    ? Get the album: https://idol-io.link/AvalancheKaito

  • April 8th, 2022
    New Album: Širom – The Liquified Throne of Simplicity
    The Slovenian “imaginary folk” trio’s most epic and transportive album yet. Powered by acoustic and often handmade instruments, these expansive compositions echo the borderless, collective spirit of groups like Don Cherry’s Organic Music Society and Art Ensemble of Chicago.
    ? Get the album: https://idol.lnk.to/Sirom-TLTOS

  • March 4th, 2022
    New Album: YĪN YĪN – The Age Of Aquarius
    YĪN YĪN’s dazzling second album dives even deeper into dancefloor propulsion and space travel atmospherics than their lauded debut The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers (2019). Funk and disco beats. Electro experimentation. Global retro vibes. A shimmering, cinematic sweep.
    ? Get the album: IDOL.lnk.to/TheAgeOfAquarius

  • February 25th, 2022
    New Album: Park Jiha – The Gleam
    The luminous 3rd album from the acclaimed Korean multi-instrumentalist and composer. A gorgeous meditation on the intersection of music and light.
    ? Get the album: https://bit.ly/B_FLAT_A

  • February 11th, 2022
    New Album: Trupa Trupa – B FLAT A
    With B FLAT A this much acclaimed quartet from Gdańsk have produced their most epic and visceral statement to date. A universe where echoes of Can, Syd Barrett and Fugazi lovingly collide.
    ? CD/LP/DL: https://bit.ly/B_FLAT_A
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/BFLATA

  • January 21st, 2022
    New EP: Avalanche Kaito – Dabalomuni
    Avalanche Kaito: a Burkinabe urban griot (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse) meets a Brussels noise punk duo (Drummer/dataist Benjamin Chaval and guitarist Nico Gitto). It’s a completely new alloy and a huge opportunity to deconstruct both traditional and futurist knowledge. It is the sound of the world as it truly is; an unruly and unforgettable sonic explosion created by the intersection of wayward travellers. The 4-song digital EP »Dabalomuni« (out January 21st) is Avalanche Kaito’s opening salvo. Their self-titled full-length album will be released via Glitterbeat Records in June of 2022.
    ? Listen: https://idol.lnk.to/Dabalomuni

  • December 7th, 2021
    New single: YĪN YĪNNautilus
    YĪN YĪN now return with a groove-filled second album ‘The Age of Aquarius’ (out 11 March 2022 on Glitterbeat) that dives even deeper into dancefloor propulsion and space travel atmospherics. There is an expansive richness in the sound as samples, drum computers and synthesizers intertwine with real-time playing. But more than anything, ‘The Age Of Aquarius’, is a simple, direct appeal to dance. The record’s party vibe can also be put down to YĪN YĪN’s experiences on the road, where the positive energies picked up from their audiences fed back into a sound that increasingly “kept people moving.”
    The first single from the forthcoming album is the track “Nautilus” (out now). Like much of the album, the track’s intergalactic party vibes are strong. It is brilliant, invigorating dance music that drops in some thumping 1990s-style electric boogie and italo disco chops along the way.
    ? Listen: https://idol.lnk.to/_Nautilus

  • October 1st, 2021
    NEW: Kuunatic – Gate Of Klüma
    Kuunatic is a thrilling Tokyo based tribal-psych trio bolstered by diverse global sonics and powerful female vocals. Drawing on the members’ different musical and cultural perspectives, their music explores ritual drumming, pulsing bass lines, atmospheric keyboard sounds and Japanese traditional instruments.
    ? LP/CD: https://bit.ly/gate_of_kluna
    ? Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/GateofKluna

  • October 1st, 2021
    NEW: Catherine Graindorge – Eldorado
    Gorgeous and haunting, Graindorge uses strings, harmonium and electronic treatments to explore intimate corners and widescreen vistas.
    ? LP/CD: https://bit.ly/eldorado_CG
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Eldorado

  • September 29th, 2021
    NEW: East Pakistan Sky by Ustad Saami
    “East Pakistan Sky” is the third album from the now legendary surti master Ustad Saami. The album follows his previously acclaimed recordings – God is Not a Terrorist (2019) and Pakistan is for the Peaceful (2020) – and presents two unedited performances that fully confirm the sublime and immersive experience of Saami’s musical (and spiritual) expression.
    ? Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/east_pakistan_sky
    ? Stream/Download: https://idol.lnk.to/EastPakistanSky

  • September 10th, 2021
    OUT NOW: Pissourin by Monsieur Doumani
    This much acclaimed Cyprus-based trio return with a thrilling fourth album. The record pushes their trademark Mediterranean sonics into a deep psychedelic and avant-folk direction. A danceable fever storm of stringed instruments, multi-layered singing and trombone-driven low end.
    ? CD/LP/DL: https://bit.ly/pissourin
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Pissourin

  • July 23rd, 2021
    NEW: Altın Gün’s new album ‘Âlem’ has been released

    It is very likely that those who love Yol will also fall for Âlem, another record that showcases Altın Gün’s ability to reshape Turkish folk music through their own unique filter. Âlem and Yol also share the same faith in using electronic sounds as a base and are both mixed and co-produced by Belgian synth duo, Asa Moto. In part this decision was due to the circumstances necessitated by the pandemic, but also as “an ode to the electronic pop music of the eighties and early nineties.”
    ? Digital: https://bit.ly/alem_altin-gun

  • June 25th, 2021
    NEW: dal:um’s album ‘similar & different’ has been released

    dal:um is a duo based in Seoul, who challenge the sonic possibilities of Korea’s most well-known traditional string instruments: the Gayageum and the Geomungo. Ethereal and otherworldly this is music that treasures the space between the notes.
    ? CD: https://bit.ly/dal-um
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/SimilarDifferent

  • May 21st, 2021
    NEW: BLK JKS’s album ‘Abantu / Before Humans’ has been released

    BLK JKS are a seminal force in the South African underground. Monster grooves meet guitar and brass driven afro-rock. Echoes of spiritual jazz, post-apocalyptic funk, renegade dub and kwaito. Features Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré and Beastie Boys accomplice Money Mark on the track “Maiga.”
    ? LP/CD: http://bit.ly/BLK_JKS
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/AbantuBeforeHumans

  • May 7th, 2021
    NEW: Comorian’s album ‘We Are an Island, but We’re Not Alone’ has been released

    Sun-baked instrumental meditations played on local string and percussion instruments. Yearning vocals and songs that evoke the mystifying realities of everyday life. Recorded live and outdoors on Grande Comore island by acclaimed producer, Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Ustad Saami, Zomba Prison Project).
    ? CD: http://bit.ly/Comorian
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Comorian

  • April 9th, 2021
    NEW: Samba Touré’s album ‘Binga’ has been released

    The legendary Malian singer/guitarist returns with his most personal and immersive album to date. Intimately recorded with a small band, “Binga” dives deep into Samba’s Songhoy roots. Moody Sahelian atmospheres. Cautionary tales. Hopes for better days.
    ? CD: https://bit.ly/samba_toure-binga
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Binga


  • February 26th, 2021
    NEW: Altın Gün’s album ‘Yol’ has been released

    Altın Gün return with a masterful third album that widens their critically acclaimed exploration of Anatolian rock and Turkish psychedelic stylings to include dreamy 80’s synth-pop and dancefloor excursions. Yol (Road) brings together all vectors of the Altın Gün experience and delivers their most compelling and individual album to date.
    ⭐ BUY: http://smarturl.it/AltinGun_Yol


  • February 12th, 2021
    Chuck Johnson’s album ‘The Cinder Grove’ is released
    The follow up to Johnson’s acclaimed Balsams album, The Cinder Grove delves further into the compositional possibilities of the pedal steel guitar. This halcyon collection of tracks draws on a wider palette of sounds, adding strings and piano, to dive deeper into the sound bath of Johnson’s meditative music. The Cinder Grove is a profound, affecting statement on the nature of loss and irreplaceability as well as a major addition to the canon of Johnson’s work.
    ? CD/LP: https://bit.ly/cindergrove
    ? Stream/DL: https://idol.lnk.to/TheCinderGrove

  • December 15th, 2020
    Announcement:  Altın Gün will release their third album “Yol”
    Altın Gün return with a masterful album that widens their critically acclaimed exploration of Anatolian rock and Turkish psychedelic stylings to include dreamy 80’s synth-pop and dancefloor excursions. Yol (Road) brings together all vectors of the Altın Gün experience and delivers their most compelling and individual album to date.
    ? Preorder CD/LP: https://bit.ly/altin-gun-yol
    ? Stream/DL: http://smarturl.it/AltinGun_Yol

  • November 27th, 2020
    Adhelm’s album ‘Yasam Rose’ is released
    Adhelm’s compositions investigate the spaces where insistent nature and bleak urbanity meet. The result is a compelling admixture of resonant percussion, processed field recordings and spectral electronics. His adventurous compositional processes and experiments echo musique concrète, Cageian indeterminacy and the deep listening ethos of Pauline Oliveros.
    ? CD: https://bit.ly/adhelm
    ? Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/adhelm_bc
    ? Stream/DL: https://idol.lnk.to/Yasam_Rose

  • November 18th, 2020
    NEW Altın Gün’s 7″ single ‘Ordunun Dereleri’

    The Amsterdam band Altin Gün, return with a masterful single – and upcoming album – that widens their critically acclaimed exploration of Anatolian rock and Turkish psychedelic folk to include dreamy 80’s synth-pop and dancefloor excursions.
    ⭐ CD/LP: https://bit.ly/ordunun
    ⭐ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/OrdununDereleri


  • October 30th, 2020
    Two years after the release of her wildly acclaimed third album “İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir,” Gaye Su Akyol returns with a powerful EP “Yort Savul: İSYAN MANİFESTOSU! (Get Out of the Way: REBELLION MANIFESTO!)”
    ? DL/Stream: https://idol.lnk.to/YSIM

  • October 23rd, 2020

    Firmly established as an influential voice in the burgeoning Russian DIY rock scene, Lucidvox’s incendiary mixture of atmospheric psych-rock, heavy riffs and Russian folk mystery has already gained them both critical attention and audience loyalty outside of their hometown of Moscow. We Are (мы есть) is their first international album release and the next element in their rapid rise.
    ? Order: https://bit.ly/lucidvox
    ? DL/Stream: https://idol.lnk.to/We_Are

  • October 9th, 2020
    OUT TODAY: USTAD SAAMI – Pakistan Is For The Peaceful

    Following his 2019, critically acclaimed debut, God Is Not a Terrorist, 49-note scale microtonal vocal master Ustad Saami returns with an epic part two. Pakistan is for the Peaceful presents an even more immersive work, comprised of just three extended tracks and again produced 100% live at the master’s rooftop home in Karachi by Grammy-winner, Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Zomba Prison Project, The Good Ones) with musical accompaniment provided by Ustad’s four sons.
    ? Order: http://bit.ly/ustad_saami
    ? DL/Stream: https://idol.lnk.to/Pakistan_Is

  • September 18th, 2020
    OUT TODAY: AMMAR 808 – Global Control / Invisible Invasion

    Sofyann Ben Youssef (aka AMMAR 808) has travelled to the Tamil Nadu region of southern India for a breath-taking new adventure. With a suitcase full of recording equipment, he set up base in the pulsing city of Chennai and undertook a collaborative reimagining of the area’s rich and resonant musics. Ranging from trance temple sounds to rap-like street theatre performance and ending with the mathematical richness of Carnatic music, Ben Youssef’s in situ recordings form the foundation of his potent new album: Global Control / Invisible Invasion.
    ? Order CD/LP: https://bit.ly/ammar808
    ? Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/Global_Control_Invisible_Invasion

  • September 7th, 2020
    NEW ARTIST: Liraz
    Dear friends, we are extremely proud to present you the highly touted Israeli-Persian singer Liraz. She will release her album ‘Zan’ on November 13th on Glitterbeat Records!
    It is a buoyant and border-busting album. Shimmering electro-pop meets pulsing dance rhythms and retro Persian sonics. Includes clandestine collaborations with Iran-based musicians and composers. Pre-order now!
    ? CD/LP: http://bit.ly/liraz_zan
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Zan

  • September 4th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Krononaut – Krononaut
    Coming out of the fertile London jazz and experimental scenes, Krononaut is a richly textured new ensemble helmed by guitarist /producer Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, Jon Hopkins) and drummer Martin France. The album features an esteemed group of collaborators and a sonic footprint that channels spectral ambiance, ‘fourth world’ expansions and a gorgeous slow-boiling pointillism.
    ? Order CD/LP: https://bit.ly/krononaut
    ? Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Krononaut

  • June 26th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Bantou Mentale – Congo Animal
    Bantou Mentale are to the Congo what Björk is to Iceland, Kraftwerk to Germany or Metronomy to the UK – of a place, but not defined by it, not flying any particular flag. Their ‘hood is one part Kinshasa Grand Marché, one part Paris Chateau Rouge, and one part YouTube. Their roots are in the forest, with the first people. Their outer branches are in the technosphere, beyond old horizons.
    ? Stream/Download: https://idol.lnk.to/Congo_Animal


  • May 29th, 2020
    OUT NOW: TootArd – Migrant Birds
    Jammed full of pop hooks and quarter-tone melodic lines, “Migrant Birds” unleashes a disco whirlwind that pays homage to the middle eastern dancefloor scenes of the 80’s. Retro funky meets hi-sheen contemporary.
    ? CD/LP: https://bit.Ly/migrant_birds
    ? Digital: https://idol.Lnk.To/migrant_birds


  • May 8th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Edikanfo – The Pace Setters
    The first-ever reissue of the classic 1981 debut album from this much revered Ghanaian band. Vibrantly produced by British sound explorer Brian Eno in Accra, Ghana. Highlife meets afro-funk. Spirited and horn driven. Yet another inspired morphing of soundworlds and processes and a significant touchstone for both artists.
    ▶ Order CD/LP: http://bit.ly/edikanfo


  • April 24th, 2020
    OUT NOW: fra fra – Funeral Songs
    Raw and celebratory funeral music from northern Ghana. Hypnotic kologo excursions. Pulsing percussion. Enraptured voices. Recorded 100% live and outdoors by Grammy winner Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Ustad Saami).
    Sixth release from Glitterbeat’s acclaimed Hidden Musics series.
    ▶ Order CD/LP: http://bit.ly/fra-fra
    ▶ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Funeral_Songs


  • April 14th, 2020
    SALE: 20% OFF
    Official Store: http://bit.ly/GlitterBeatStore
    Bandcamp: https://glitterbeat.bandcamp.com/
    (code: musicheals)

  • April 10th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Orkesta Mendozas – Curandero
    Border music without borders. Sergio Mendoza (a longtime member of Calexico) grew up on both sides of the US/Mexican frontier. On the band’s 3rd album, “Curandero,” his musical melding of that experience explodes from the speakers. Boogaloo, cumbia, ranchera & rock’n’roll. Curandero has a close, intimate feel, but this wasn’t a band playing together in a room; all the musicians came in separately to track their parts.
    Order CD/LP: http://bit.ly/curandero_OM
    Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/Curandero

  • March 27th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Tamikrest – Tamotaït
    Tamikrest return with a vivid, irrepressible rock and roll statement. Their most powerful album since 2013’s wildly acclaimed Chatma, Tamotaït finds the band not only turning up the volume, but also sharpening their meditative atmospherics and ruminations on the state of the Sahara and the world beyond. Features acclaimed Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra and a track cut with Japanese traditional musicians.
    Order CD/LP: http://bit.ly/tamotait
    Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Tamotait

  • March 6th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Trupa Trupa – I’ll Find (EP)
    „I’ll Find” – the new EP from the Polish quartet Trupa Trupa – consists of four radiant, kaleidoscopic songs which further cement the band’s reputation as one of the up and coming voices on the global psychedelic scene.
    Order here: https://trupatrupa.bandcamp.com/album/ill-find

  • February 27th, 2020
    OUT NOW: Pulled by Magnets – Rose Golden Doorways
    Acclaimed London-based sonic explorer Seb Rochford unleashes a startling new band and debut album. The frontier where doom rhythms rub against haunted saxophone atmospherics.
    Order CD/LP: http://bit.ly/rose_golden_doorways
    Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/RoseGoldenDoorways

  • January 17th, 2020
    NEW ALBUM / NEW VIDEO: Lina_Raül Refree
    Happy release day to Lina_Raül Refree’s debut album! Check out the amazing video for the song ‘Quando Eu Era Pequenina’
    Video link: https://youtu.be/OrsMiU3eV6U
    CD/LP/DL: http://bit.ly/lina_raul-refree
    Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/Lina_Raul_Refree

  • December 10th, 2019
    SALE: 20% OFF
    Official Store: http://bit.ly/GlitterBeatStore
    Bandcamp: https://glitterbeat.bandcamp.com/
    (code: glitterbeat2019)
    Glitterbeat End-Of-Year Sale: 10.12.2019 -10.01.2020

  • November 15th, 2019
    Aziza Brahim – Sahari
    Out Today ? New Album
    Aziza Brahim returns with her 3rd Glitterbeat album. Produced in Barcelona with Amparo Sanchez, “Sahari” is her most adventuresome and sublime work to date.
    ➡ Order CD/LP now: http://bit.ly/aziza_sahari
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Sahari

  • November 8th, 2019
    Pulled By Magnets – Invite Them In
    7″ Out Today
    New single (7” vinyl & digital) from London-based experimentalist Seb Rochford (Polar Bear, Sons of Kemet) and his latest group: Pulled By Magnets. The single consists of two vastly different versions of a track that does not appear on their upcoming debut album. While the A-side features the Pulled By Magnets trio, the B-side is a solo performance by acclaimed organist/composer Kit Downes.
    ➡ Order 7″ single now: http://bit.ly/invite_them_in
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Invite_Them_In

  • October 25th, 2019
    Bantou Mentale – Bantou Mentale
    Out Today ? New Album
    A dark, thundering Kinshasa meets Paris soundworld. Ecstatic vocals, broken beats, subterranean bass and full-throttle energy. This four-piece group of sonic groundbreakers have delivered a scintillating debut album. The fulfillment of their long-held dream to create an African band with the weight and sensory attack of knife-edged rock and hot-wired club beats. Features ex-members of Konono No.1, Mbongwana Star & Staff Benda Bilili.
    ➡ Order CD/2xLP now: http://bit.ly/bantou_mentale
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Bantou_Mentale

  • October 11th, 2019
    Los Pirañas – Historia Natural
    Out Today ? New Album
    Fusing the experimental possibilities of South American rhythms and sonics (cumbia, champeta, tropicalia, salsa & more) with avant psych rock, dub minimalism and spiked jazz, Los Pirañas are retro-futurism at its finest.
    ➡ Order CD/LP now: http://bit.ly/lospiranas
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Historia_Natural

  • September 27th, 2019
    BaBa ZuLa – Derin Derin
    Out Today ? New Album
    A thrilling new album from this legendary Istanbul band. BaBa ZuLa are the missing link between Turkish Psych, Krautrock & deep dub. More experimental & expansive than ever.
    From the 19th century to the ‘60s through to today, art is a continuum and BaBa ZuLa understand that. Derin Derin is its latest incarnation. It’s fearless music. It’s the truth. And there is hope.
    ➡ Order CD/LP now: http://bit.ly/2MIpl1i
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Derin_Derin

  • September 13th, 2019
    Trupa Trupa – Of The Sun
    Out Today ? New Album
    Poland’s hotly tipped psych/experimental rock quartet delivers a potent, galvanizing album. Trupa Trupa has grown inordinately in both confidence and execution during the last half-decade. Almost every song on Of The Sun—the magnetic fifth album from the Polish quartet — lands like an anthem, with barbed hooks driven by an italicized rhythm section and a chimera of crisscrossing harmonies.
    ➡ Order now: http://bit.ly/trupatrupa
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Of_The_Sun

  • September 12th, 2019
    NEW VIDEO: Trupa Trupa – Another Day
    Trupa Trupa share their striking ‘Another Day’ video before the release of the album ‘Of The Sun’.
    Watch the video HERE!

  • August 30th, 2019
    Širom – A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse
    Out Today ? New Album
    Slovenian ‘imaginary folk’ instrumental trio return with a kaleidoscopic third album ‘A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse / Svet, ki speče konju cvet’. Širom are all about the head and the hand, and the dark that always pushes against the light. Handmade and global instrumentation meets fearless sound exploration.
    ➡ Order now: http://bit.ly/sirom-universe
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/AUTRBFAH

  • July 20th, 2019
    NEW VIDEO: Širom: “Low Probability of a Hug” / “Brez velike verjetnosti objema”
    A wonderful and brand new magnificent video from Širom.
    Check it out here!

  • July 12th, 2019
    Trupa Trupa’s new single/video “Longing”
    Their sensational album “Of The Sun” is out on September 13th.
    Watch the video here.

  • June 28th, 2019
    75 Dollar Bill – I Was Real
    Out Today ? New Album
    The NYC based duo of Rick Brown and Che Chen, creates hypnotic, pulsing music that weaves an ecstatic line from raw electric blues, Arabic modes and entrancing folk minimalism back to the streets of New York. The third album from these acclaimed NYC mainstays adds concise rockers, fuller orchestrations and mysterious textures to the band’s long, odd/deep grooves and microtonal tunings.
    CD/LP: http://bit.ly/75dollar
    Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/I_Was_Real

  • June 14th, 2019
    Park Jiha – Philos
    Out Today ? New Album
    Park Jiha’s debut album “Communion” – released internationally by tak:til last year – drew well deserved attention to the young Korean instrumentalist/composer’s vivid soundworld. The widely acclaimed album graced 2018 critics lists at The WIRE, Pop Matters and The Guardian. Her new album “Philos”– which she calls an evocation of her “love for time, space and sound” –is every bit as inventive, elegant and transcendent as her debut.
    ➡ Order now: http://bit.ly/2M9RoIw
    ➡ Digital: https://idol.lnk.to/Philos

  • May 25th, 2019
    Agim Nasi, the frame drummer for Saz’iso, dies
    We just received the very sad news that Agim Nasi, the frame drummer for Saz’iso, died early this morning in Tirana, following the group’s concert there. Our deep condolences and love go out to everyone in the Nasi and Saz’iso families.
    From the Saz’iso FB page:
    “We are deeply saddened, shocked beyond belief, to report the news of the passing in the early hours of this morning of our wonderful friend and Saz’iso colleague, Agim Nasi. He was a master of his instrument, a passionate performer and a beautiful soul. Last night, we performed together at the Cloud Festival in Tirana, where he transmitted his deep love for our music and his energy to our group and to a captivated audience. Words cannot describe how much we will miss him.”

  • May 23rd, 2019
    Trupa Trupa: New Glitterbeat family member, new video
    Glitterbeat is very excited to announce the release of “Of The Sun,” the new album from the acclaimed Polish avant-rock/psych band Trupa Trupa. Their “Remainder” single drops today. The album is out on September 13th.
    Watch ‘Remainder’ video here.

  • May 14th, 2019
    New Gaye Su Akyol’s video
    Moody, elegant, romantic and widescreen. Check out the gorgeous second video from Gaye Su Akyol’s wildly acclaimed album: İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir (Consistent Fantasy is Reality).
    Watch ‘Bir Yaralı Kuştum’ video here.

  • April 26th, 2019
    Altin Gün – Gece
    Out Today ? New Album
    Explosive, funky and transcendent!
    CD/LP/DL: https://tinyurl.com/yyggqw7f
    Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/Gece

  • April 5th, 2019
    Ifriqiyya Electrique – Laylet el Booree
    Out Today ? New Album
    Blood, sweat and trance!
    Order CD/LP/DL: https://goo.gl/WygZtR
    Digital: https://IDOL.lnk.to/Laylet_El_Booree
    Watch the new video for ‘Mashee Kooka’ here.

  • March 29th, 2019
    Mekons album ‘Deserted’ is released!
    The return of one of the planet’s most essential rock & roll bands.
    Order CD/LP

  • March 18th, 2019
    Free Download / New Ammar 808 track!
    Zawali in Tunisian dialect means “ the poor man.” This song is for them. People who are in extremely impoverished life ( or survival ) situations, are not a reality that the world is interested in. They are the first to be hurt, they are the first to be stamped on, they are the first to feel the economic crises when it hits, they are the first and the last to taste the uncertainty of a system that is not made for them. On this new, original song, Ammar 808 again features Cheb Hassen Tej. He describes those that “join” the “fitness club” of the zawali: “Whether you run or not (after life), you survive on yesterday´s bread, stolen, fed up, gone, sunk. Zawali fitness club.”
    Download / Stream.

  • March 8th, 2019
    NEW VIDEO: Gaye Su Akyol – İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir
    Gaye Su Akyol – one of Turkey’s most compelling voices and exhilarating sonic explorers – has created a new video in celebration of International Women’s Day. The video is for the title track of her album ”İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir’ (“Consistent Fantasy is Reality”) which was widely heralded as one of 2018’s most important releases (WIRE Top 50 etc.).
    Watch the video here.

  • Febaruary 15th, 2019
    Kel Assouf’s album ‘Black Tenere’ is now released!
    Produced by the band’s keyboardist Sofyann Ben Youssef, the mastermind behind the highly touted AMMAR 808, the new album strips things back to a power trio lineup and focuses on the crackling, forward-looking energy of Nigerien front man Anana Ag Haroun’s next level Kel Tamashek (Tuareg) rock songs.

  • February 12th, 2019
    NEW VIDEO: Ifriqiyya Électrique – He Eh Lalla
    Fusing the rhythms and invocations of the ancient Saharan Banga ritual with an electrical storm of contemporary sonics, Ifriqiyya Electrique’s second album both grips and awakens. In Tunisian, Banga means “huge volume” and one cannot think of a more apt description of Laylet el Booree than that.
    Watch the video here.

  • February 7th, 2019
    Kel Assouf’s video “Fransa” out now!
    A stunning video for Kel Assouf’s “Fransa”. The new album “Black Tenere” is out next week. And what an album it is.
    Watch the video here.

  • January 18th, 2019
    Ustad Saami’s album ‘God Is Not a Terrorist’ is now released!
    The roots of Saami’s music go back to the 13th century – but it’s message is contemporary and universal: “to sing is to listen.”
    Order CD/LP/DL here!
    Digital available here!

  • December 20th, 2018
    NEW VIDEO: A thrilling teaser from Kel Assouf’s new album
    A teaser from Kel Assouf’s upcoming album “Black Tenere.” This is Tuareg/Ishumar rock as you have never heard it. Strobe lit and burning. “Black Tenere” is out on February 15th!
    Watch it here.

  • December 3rd, 2018
    NEW MUSIC: Ustad Saami – “God Is”
    A haunting, hypnotic track from the upcoming album from Ustad Saami – one of Pakistan’s most revered and iconic classical singers. The roots of Saami’s music go back to the 13th century – but his message is contemporary and universal: “to sing is to listen.”
    Listen to the song here.

  • November 29th, 2018
    NEW VIDEO: Refree – “Dar a Luz”
    Taken from the forthcoming tak:til/ Glitterbeat Records release ‘La Otra Mitad’, out on 7 December 2018.
    Watch the video here.

  • November 9th, 2018
    Fofoulah’s album ‘Daega Rek’ is released
    Order CD/LP/DL
    Digital Stream/Download
    CD’s and LP’s are also available as bundles with their previous album ‘Fofoulah’ for a reduced price in our bandcamp store.

  • November 7th, 2018
    NEW SONG: Refree – Dar a Luz
    Raül Refree is one of the most acclaimed Spanish producers of the last decade. Mesmerizing acoustic and electric guitar explorations meet sampled street recordings, haunted voices and hushed electronics.
    Listen to ‘Dar a Luz’ from the album ‘La otra mitad’

  • November 2nd, 2018
    NEW VIDEO: Fofoulah – Seye
    Check out an amazing new video for Fofoulah’s song ‘Seye’. The song is taken from the album ‘Daega Rek’. Slippery West African beats, dystopian electronics & echoing, shamanic chants. Release date: November 9th.
    Watch the video here!

  • October 26th, 2018
    Gaye Su Akyol’s album ‘İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir’ is released
    Gaye Su Akyol has firmly established herself as one of Turkey’s most compelling young voices and most exhilarating sonic explorers. “Istikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir,” which translates as “Consistent Fantasy is Reality,” is a deeply poetic album; a vibrant mix of raki laced balladry, futurist surf and post-punk opposition. The sound is widescreen and compelling and the themes dig straight into the heart of our inexplicable contemporary experience.
    Order CD/LP/DL

  • October 12th, 2018
    Happy Release Day Bixiga 70
    Today, Bixiga 70 releases their stunning album Quebra Cabeça via Glitterbeat Records. São Paulo’s acclaimed 10-piece instrumental collective return for their 4th album. Urban Afro-Brazilian grooves, empowered horn-driven melodicism and massive dance floor inspiration. One of South America’s most exhilarating musical propositions. The new album captures the incendiary excitement of Bixiga 70 live, but the freedom of the studio brings more shade and subtlety than before.
    Order CD/LP/DL

  • September 27th, 2018
    A brand NEW track from Fofoulah!
    ‘Seye’ is taken from the album ‘Daega Rek’; second album from the London based afro-dub ensemble. Check out these slippery West African beats, dystopian electronics & echoing, shamanic chants. It’s earthy & urban / futurist & rooted!
    Listen to ‘Seye’
    Order CD/LP/DL

  • September 14th, 2018
    OUT NOW // Stella Chiweshe – Kasahwa: Early Singles
    The album is now released. It’s a captivating collection of mystical sounds from the Zimbabwean Mbira master, mostly recorded in the 1970’s in the run up to the Chimurenga revolution. Deep resistance & culture. We’re insanely proud of this album and we hope you’ll love it too!
    Order CD/LP/DL

  • August 21st, 2018
    Bixiga 70’s video for ‘Quebra Cabeça’
    Bixiga 70 are back with a stunning new video and album. Filmed on the streets of São Paulo, the video is for the album’s title track: Quebra Cabeça. Another horn-driven, Afro-Brazilian funk masterpiece.
    Watch the video here.

  • July 27th, 2018
    Stella Chiweshe – ‘Kasahwa: Early Singles’
    We’ll release Stella Chiweshe’s ‘Kasahwa: Early Singles’ on September 14th. A captivating compilation of early seven inch singles by the renowned Zimbabwean Mbira master and a true African music icon. From now on you can hear the song Mayaya in its entire length for the first time ever.
    Watch the video here.

  • June 26th, 2018
    We celebrate the upcoming Dirtmusic gigs with a NEW video
    The vocals on the song ‘Love Is a Foreign Country’ were provided by the amazing Gaye Su Akyol from our Glitterbeat Records family.
    Watch the video here.

  • June 15th, 2018
    AMMAR 808’s album ‘Maghreb United’ is released
    Buy the LP, CD, download here, or simply stream it here.

  • May 25th, 2018
    Samba Touré’s album ‘Wande’ is released
    Buy the LP, CD, download, or simply stream it here.

  • May 17th, 2018
    Dirtmusic news
    Two awesome news: Dirtmusic are hitting the road today AND they have a brand new video for the song ‘Outrage’ taken from their critically acclaimed album ‘Bu Bir Ruya’!
    Watch the video here.

  • May 4th, 2018
    Yonatan Gat’s fantastic album ‘Universalists’ is OUT!
    Uncut calls it “A thrillingly chaotic sonic voyage!” Louder Than War says “You will find yourself struggling to listen to anything else for weeks!” And we say “Get your copy now!”
    Order here.

  • April 10th, 2018
    New video for Dirtmusic’s song “Bu Bir Ruya”
    We’re celebrating the announcement that Dirtmusic are hitting the road soon with a new video for their song “Bu Bir Ruya”
    Watch the video here.

  • April 6th, 2018
    OUT NOW: Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Cósmico
    Happy release day to Sonido Gallo Negro and their new baby ‘Mambo Cósmico’. A quest towards a new musical cosmos.
    Order here.

  • April 4th, 2018
    NEW VIDEO: Yonatan Gat: Medicine
    Yonatan Gat’s first video from Universalists, Medicine (feat. The Easter Medicine Singers), premiered today.
    Watch the video here.