Avalanche Kaito – Dabalomuni

January 21st, 2022
New EP: Avalanche Kaito – Dabalomuni
Avalanche Kaito: a Burkinabe urban griot (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse) meets a Brussels noise punk duo (Drummer/dataist Benjamin Chaval and guitarist Nico Gitto). It’s a completely new alloy and a huge opportunity to deconstruct both traditional and futurist knowledge. It is the sound of the world as it truly is; an unruly and unforgettable sonic explosion created by the intersection of wayward travellers. The 4-song digital EP »Dabalomuni« (out January 21st) is Avalanche Kaito’s opening salvo. Their self-titled full-length album will be released via Glitterbeat Records in June of 2022.
? Listen: https://idol.lnk.to/Dabalomuni